Preventative care

Effective prevention cannot be achieved without the full cooperation of you, the patient.

As part of your routine examinations we will check for signs of tooth decay, defective restorations and gum disease (the main cause of tooth loss). You will also be routinely screened for mouth cancer and any other oral conditions. Your full medical history is also discussed and any conditions with potential dental side effects will be highlighted.

Not only will we provide you with an accurate diagnosis of any conditions discovered and an effective treatment plan or referral but we will also advise on any issues to prevent any potential problems arising in the future.

This could be something as simple as recommending an alternative toothbrush or interdental cleaning aid to prescribing high concentration fluoride toothpastes to prevent future decay. It could also be more visits to the surgery to undergo treatment of more advanced periodontal [gum] conditions.

At Beechwood Dental Care we feel it is vital to dedicate a considerable amount of time to educating our patients raising their awareness of dental and oral diseases, in order for them to take an active role in their prevention of tooth decay and gum disease.

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